Journey Into Alignment: A Program for Lesbian Widows

Jo Leath

Begin your Journey Into Alignment by making a time and place in your day to connect with the Quiet Within.

When you join our list we will send you a desktop labyrinth which you can print and use.

It will help you to find inner calm, and connexion with your own wisdom. 

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     Widowhood is not an easy path to walk, and no one can take away the personal work that comes with it. After a year or so, other people are ready to move on, including your best supports and those who love you.
     You may feel unable or unwilling to share your feelings of lostness; the sorrow and sadness that continues to be part of your life, and the meaninglessness of life. You worry that you should have “got over it” by now.
     You hold a private desire to honour what the late partner would have wanted, and yet there is no clarity about what that would look like.

      If you are interested in Jo's personal story, she is a contributor to the book Under the Rainbow: A Primer on Queer Issues in Canada. by Jeannette A. Auger and Kate Krug.

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