2013 Summer Shift: Intensive DayCamp for GrownUps on a Spiritual Journey.

10 short sessions to help you identify the path that calls you forward.

2013 Summer Shift Intensive with Jo Leath

$ 397 CAD

Ten learning sessions over two and a half days; three mini readings fitting the topics; lunches and snacks. Value if purchased separately: over $850.

Summer Shift Special: $ 397.00
[additional discounts available for groups of three or more.]

Day One   930-11 Breathing and Breathwork: Learning to feel centered in your body.
                11.15- noon Reiki: Understanding the flow of Unseen Energy – the Life Force
                 noon – 1 pm Tea Drinking: A chance to relax over lunch, and and find the pictures in your tealeaves
                 1pm – 4 pm Visioning the Future: Make a VisionBoard to focus your attention on what you want
Day Two    9.30 – 11 Labyrinths: Moving through a field of Sacred Geometry and allowing Spirit to speak within.
                 11.15- noon Water Messages: A look at the work of Masaru Emoto and the connective nature of water.
                 1 pm – 2.30 pm Synchronicity: Using cards, coins and pendulum work to access the messages you need in the moment
                  2.45 – 4 pm Dream Messages: bring your night-dreams and learn how to interpret them
Day Three  10.30 – noon Numerology: The life you intended is encoded in your name and birthdate. Learn how to access it.
                  noon      Lunch and Debrief.