Journey Into Alignment

     Jo Leath is a Transition Coach who works with lesbian widows

who are in the second year of their changed life.

About Journey Into Alignment

     Jo Leath has drawn on her own experience to create the program that she wishes had been there

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Journey Into Alignment offers Heart-Centered Soul Care

     Jo Leath lost her partner in 2007, after 17 years together. Jo had loving family and all kinds of support, yet somehow nothing “fit” quite the way she would have liked.
     Jo has created Journey Into Alignment so that no other lesbian widow need struggle with the absence of role models or the isolation that follows her first months of solicitous help and helpfulness.
     Journey Into Alignment is a six-month long coaching program that will help lesbian widows to fully honour their experience. It offers the structure of accountability along with kind guidance and encouragement without judgment.
     You will feel total acceptance for your location on the path forward, and the speed at which you want to move.
     No matter how slowly you travel, when you are willing to move forward Jo will be beside you, and your ultimate success is assured.
Jo and Branda, Montreal 1992

 Branda 2006

 Wakefield, QC | 819 360 9140