Transition Coaching: Individual Plans

One-on-one private sessions in person, on Skype or by telephone will form the foundation for a confidential and consistent partnership.

Beginning with telling your story and examining the many aspects of the transition you are undergoing, we will
create a framework for positive change, and for new understanding as you move your life into alignment with your Soul’s intention.

We start with an in-depth discovery session that which will identify the areas that need to be your first focus and create a mission statement for the six months of this program.

Each participant will help to create, and then work through a personalized itinerary.

Journey Into Alignment is a six-month Coaching Package:

7-Paths to Wisdom
•    Two 90 minute discovery sessions and a one-hour coaching call (first month)
•    Three 60 minute coaching calls per month (starting second month)
•    Unlimited e-mail support