Journey Into Alignment VIP Day

Offered in Wakefield, Quebec, within a half-hour of the City of Ottawa.

 [Qualified Applicants only]

 In this one day we will work together to connect you with your plan to move forward with purpose and comfort.

You will be guided and supported as you breakthrough and identify the kind of life you intended to live, and encode an action map that will provide direction for moving into your correct future.

This intensive day is specifically designed to help you to move out of the overwhelm of your situation. As you become open and relaxed, you will be able to recognize the steps that need to come next. You will be challenged to climb out of the habits that are keeping you stuck, and supported as you chart the path you will explore.

Expect to leave the day with an understanding of the way your Unconscious Life Plan has brought you to today, and a clear outline of the moves to take to shift you into you Right Life.

This day will allow you to:

  • Slow down and relax in a beautiful riverside location!
  • Identify the patterns that led to your overwhelm and burnout
  • Understand how your Unconscious Life Plan is playing out
  • Name the source of the expectations you are trying to meet
  • Recognize how Sacred Contracts create life changes
  • Clarify who you are at your core
  • Identify the blocks and fears that are keeping you stuck
  • Rediscover your intended destiny
  • Connect with the Energy that will move you forward easily
  • Set out the action plan that will express your authenticity and continue the growth of Self


Your VIP day includes:

*    Questionnaire and telephone call prior to the retreat day.

*    Pre-work materials to be completed before the session.

*    Private one-on-one session 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

*    Spa treatment

*    Lunch, snacks and beverages from gourmet kitchens.

*    1 hour accountability follow-up call within 2 weeks.

*    Workbook and Life Calendar


 Contact Jo to see if this day is right for your situation.

The Private One Day Journey into Alignment Intensive takes place in Wakefield, Quebec or arrangements can be made online or at your location. 

Your Investment: $1,779.00

DEPOSIT:   $500.00 at time of booking.

BALANCE:  10 days before your scheduled Journey Into Alignment Day.  

If you'd prefer to host me in your hometown the fee is the same, simply add the flight from Ottawa (YOW) and two nights hotel.

For more information, please use the Contact Us link on this page and let us know how we can help.